About Us

Our goal was to develop a product with ultimate versatility. Casual and comfy enough for a barefoot afternoon round but with enough performance and class to wear at even the most prestigious courses in the world.

We drew inspiration from the best to ever do it, Tiger Woods. He laid the groundwork for low profile collars; Trailblazing the way for this new, acceptable style on the biggest stage there is, Sunday at Augusta.

We were hooked.

For years, all we wore was tiger’s products. But something was always off. We felt that if we were able to develop and compile our favorite components, we could construct the ultimate polo.

Thus, the Newps blade polo was born. We developed a low profile, unstructured collar with maximum comfort. We then paired it with a hand picked blend of the industry’s finest materials to create a one of a kind piece.

Our goal was to feel and look our best. Our new mission is help you do the same.